Do shuttle buses on university campuses end up saving energy due to reduced car driving, or are they a source of extra emissions?



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    According to this assessment, if there are 9 or more people on the bus, public transport is “worth it”, environmentally speaking, and there are fewer emissions compared to if all those people drove. In my experience, campus buses are often packed with people, especially in the morning when students are getting to campus for early classes. So, I would say that public transport is definitely a good way to achieve a greener city. 


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    I think they save energy on the one hand, like you said, because they reduce the use of cars. However, they also consume unnecessary energy if you believe students are able to walk from class to class. On my campus, cars can’t drive through on school days anyway – they can only drive around campus. So if students were compelled to walk, buses would be unnecessary, except for special cases. On a side note, some buses on my campus have converted to biodiesel, which I think is a good step in the right direction.

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