Do shadows get darker or lighter?



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    That  depends whether you step closer or farther from an area of light

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    Yes.  You may notice that if you are standing on a sidewalk or in the street at night in an area with lots of streetlights, your body will cast a few shadows in different directions.  If you look close, you’ll also notice that some of the shadows are darker than others, and that the shadows are darker where they overlap.  This is a result of the amount of light that is passing your body.  The lighter the shadow, the more streetlights cast light on that area of the pavement.  The darkest area of your shadow is where there are few or no streetlights shining direct light.

    Additionally, nearly everything reflects light, so the darkness of shadows also depends on reflection.  If you are standing in a hall of mirrors, your shadow will be lighter than if you were in a hallway with black walls. 

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