Do seagulls only eat meat?



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    Seagulls rely mostly on meat for their diets, anything from fish, clams, insects, or small animals is fair game. On occasion they will find small berries and eat those. People visiting the beach sometimes like to feed seagulls bread and other items usually unavailable to seagulls. While this may be fun, it is not the healthiest option for the birds, because they need to rely on their own resources instead of waiting to be fed by humans.

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    Gulls are advantageous scavengers and predators. They will take advantage of most any situation where an edible item is present. They are efficient at stealing prey from other avian predators their size and eating nesting birds’ eggs and chicks. Gulls are often seen around landfills and human habitats because they will consume any edible scrap of food. The ‘sea’ in gull is a misnomer, as they are ubiquitously found very far inland around North America, due to their ability to hunt and scavenge so successfully.

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