do sea turles lay on their eggs?



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    No, they come ashore for 2 or more hours, dig a hole, and deposit 50 to 200 ping pong sized eggs in the hole, which they bury with sand afterwards. They do this to protect their eggs from predators. They will leave their eggs, but they end up laying up to nine clutches of eggs per laying season.

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    Sea turtles do not lay down on their eggs, as the egg laying process is dangerous enough for them already. Female sea turtles come ashore at night and dig pits in the sand with their flippers. They then lay the eggs, 50 to 200 of them, into their newly-dug nest. Afterwards, they bury the eggs to keep them safe, and return to the water. Newly hatched sea turtles hatch and grow up without parental intervention.

    The entire egg-laying process takes about two hours.

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    From reading the article, female turtles do not lay on there eggs. Instead they cover them with sand to protect from predators. 

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