Do sea otters have live birth?



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    Otters are mammals so they have live births of “pups”. Sea otters are the only otters to give birth in the water. Mothers nurture their young while floating on their backs. They hold infants on their chests to nurse them, and quickly teach them to swim and hunt. A sea otter usually only has one pup.
    River otters can give birth to 2-4  pups usually in a den.

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    Sea otters have an average gestation (time of carrying an embryo before birth) of around six months. They can reproduce every year, but depending on where they live, they may only breed once every other year. Excluding the rare chance of birthing twins, most sea otters will only give birth to one baby, or pup, at a time.

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    Check out this baby sea otter pup! How can you talk about this without seeing how cute the lil guys are!

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