Do sea otters come to shore to have their babies?



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    That depends on the sea otter. Northern sea otters do come to shore to give birth, however Souther sea otters can give birth either at sea or on land. Pups weigh between 3 and 5 pounds and are dependant for around 11 months. Russian otters also come to shore to give birth.


    Being the smallest marine mammal in the world and living in some of nature’s harshest environments, sea otters have adapted to marine life much differently than pinnipeds and cetaceans. Sea otters lack a blubber (composed of lipid or fat) layer that most marine mammals use to store energy and keep them insulated. Instead, sea otters have the densest fur of any mammal averaging 100,000 hairs per square centimeter (645,000 hairs per square inch).

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    Sea otters do mostly everything in the water. They begin the reproduction cycle by mating in the water (Males will sometimes bite the female’s muzzle or hold her under the water during this process). After a 12 month pregnancy, the female gives birth in the water. These are the only type of otters that do so. The baby lays on the mother’s chest to nurse while she floats on her back.

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