Do scientists think that America is going to have a big earthquake soon?



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    Yes, well if you think 30 years is soon.  According to Science Daily, scientists think California has a 99% chance of getting hit with a “big” earthquake in the next 30 years.  And by “big” they mean 6.7 or larger.  They say there is a 46% chance that California will have a 7.5 or larger (close to ten times bigger than a 6.7) and that the earthquake will happen on the lower half of the state.

    However, it is important to note that the small earthquakes happening recently will help alleviate some of the tension at the fault lines, and it is actually good to have several smaller earthquakes in terms of reducing the potential for a big one, and this is only an estimate, not a definite.

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    There is a fault line that runs from Northern California up into BC, Canada called the Cascadia Fault Line.  It behaves a lot like the fault line in Chile, and just like the reference above, Scientists expect that it’s due for a big Earthquake at ANY TIME.  It could be now, tomorrow, months or years, but they expect it.

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