Do rural communities recycle more than cities?



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    Interesting question. This touches on some of the not necessarily inuitive differences between rural and urban communities. Generally, rural residents have limited access to recycling and waste removal, often having to travel many miles to deal with waste, depending on how far away from waste facilities they live. In contrast, urban folks, can simply put the recylcing out on the curb. This increased financial cost and time requirement for rural residents serves as an incentive to reduce the rates of recycling within rural communities. However, recycling takes a variety of forms, since living in the country often generates a variety of projects, rural residents might be more inclined to reuse old clothing for garden ties or plastic containers for starting plants.

    To be fair, I think the answer to this question depends on the rural and urban populations you are comparing. For example, a study from the UK indicates that rural populations recycle more, despite the increased logistical challenges, while a study from New Mexico suggests that urban centers recycle more of their waste.

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