Do richer nations always have more pollution?



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    Good question, 489Layne.  Countries that have are richer, or have a higher gross domestic product (GDP), generally are going to pollute more, but the ratio of emissions to GDP is not necessarily consistent the higher the GDP.  In other words, yes, but there are some exceptions.  Here is one of them:

    A small way down the list of annual co2 emissions will bring us to Iran and Mexico coming in at 12 and 13, respectively.  Both of these countries produce similar amounts of co2, in the 400 to 500 thousand metric ton range.  When we look at their GDP purchasing power parities (PPP, basically takes exchange rates into account), however, they are quite different.  Mexico’s GDP PPP is more than twice that of Iran’s, yet Iran produces way more co2.  So being “richer” doesn’t necessarily coincide perfectly with emissions.

    Hope this helps!

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