Do rich people have a greater environmental impact than poor people?



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    Yes. Rich people generally have bigger houses, or more apartments that need more power to heat, cool, supply water for. They probably have more cars and use them regularly as opposed to poor people who might not own a car and use public transportation instead (much smaller footprint). They also own more electronics such as bigger TVs, computers, more appliances, which use more energy. Beside these they might also have more money to spend on things that are not as important, such as clothing accessories that might be made from animal fur. Rich people that are unaware of the environment are definitely having a bigger impact on it than poor people.

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    It depends on how the the wealthier people choose to live, but yes, generally wealthier people have a greater environmental impact than poorer people. Wealthy people can always choose to live simply and utilize few resources, but rarely do people make this choice. Very poor people, generally speaking, have no choice but to live simply and so thereby consume less resources and utilize less energy. There are, however, excpetions to every rule.

    There is a classic equation that shows the general relationships that contribute to environmental impact. it is: Impact= Population x Affluence x Technology (aka the IPAT equation).

    So, environmental impact is a factor of population (or the number of peopple), affluence (or wealth, as a measure of how many resources they use) and technology (as an indicator of how efficiently resources are used). So as population and affluence go up, so does environmental impact, and as technology becomes more efficient, environmental impact goes down.

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    Wealthier people also tend to travel more, and in some cases use their own jets, etc. to do so.  To play devils advocate, I’d also like to say they can have a bigger impact on protecting the environment than some poor individuals can.  For instance, Radiohead is a popular band that prioritizes an ethical responsibility to save and honor the planet.  Instead of using disposable cups for water, they use flasks.  All of their transportation runs on biofuel.  By using their wealth to implement better practice, they can also extend the influence beyond themselves.  Typically, wealth and fame go hand in hand.

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    It depends on how the rich person spends his or her money. If it is spent in an eco-friendly way, than no. Generally, I believe the answer is yes. Although the poor person may buy things that are worse for the environment, the rich person buys goods on a massive scale. Rich people, often go through many different consumer electronics and buy and build new mansions. I would not call this being eco-friendly. 

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    Wrong!  The poor have more chlidren that the rich.  Further, the poor generally do not use public transportation.  Instead they drive older (non-hybrid) cars that guzzle more gas than my Prius. 

    If you find any shred of evidence that the rich consume more than the poor, show it to me.

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