Do rich nations cause the most pollution?



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    That’s an excellent, but loaded question. Industrial activities account for more pollution levels than do transportation causes, so rich nations have always blamed the developing nations for the world’s pollution problems. So eventhough the most polluted cities are generally in developing countries, the richer nations can be indirectly responsible since they place high demands on those countries to produce the goods and commodities (like oil) that their rich citizens back home buy and use like crazy. There’s always been disparities among different nations, but after hundreds of years of colonialism and imperialism, countries in Africa, Latin America, and Asia have (and continue to be) stripped of their natural resources which leads to economic problems, poverty, and pollution. So who is really to blame? Every one really. Although, I think richer nations have the greater obligation to change their behaviors, laws, and trade practices to reduce pollution, both at home and around the world.

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    Per capita, there is no doubt that rich countries cause the most pollution. A country like the U.S. is known for being a polluter and while other countries may pollute more on a country level, per person, they pollute far less. India has a 1.1 billion people and China has 1.3 billion people accounting for their pollution (World Bank-world Development Indicators 2008). The U.S. has 300 million accounting for our amount of pollution(U.S. Census Bureau 2009). 

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