Do Rhinos weight more than hippos?



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    The answer to this question lies on more specific info related to a rhinoceros largely due to the variation of species. The average Rhinoceros weighs between 1-3.5 tons and depends on that (White and black) species variation and gender. More specifically black rhinos weigh an average of 1700 to 3000 pounds while White rhinos range from 3100 to 7000 pounds.

    Hippos on the other hand weigh an average of 1.5 to 3 tons depending on gender, age, and location. So if the average White Rhinoceros were to be compared with the average Hippo the white rhino would likely win a weight competition.  

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    The average size of the both the rhino and hippo are pretty close in numbers. The hippo is the third largest land animal. The weight of the adult male hippo ranges from 1500kg to 1800kg; older males can be as large as 3200kg and have been known to be as big as 4500kg!. Rhinos on the other hand are considered the largest remaining megafauna with all species weighing a ton or more. The average male rhino can exceed 3500kg! The average weight however ranges from 2500kg to 3200kg.

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    The hippopotamus is the third largest land animal The average adult male weight ranges from 1500–1800, and older males possibly reaching at least 3200 kg (occasionally 4500 kg.) Females are smaller and weigh 200-300 kgs less.

    The rhino is one of the largest remaining megafauna alive today, with all species one ton or more in weight. The white rhino can exceed 3500 kg.The fully grown Indian rhino males weigh from 2500–3200 kg.

    Thus hippos weigh more than rhinos

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    Large old male hippos can weigh up to 4.5 tons (9000 lbs). On average, they weigh 2-3 tons (4000-6000 lbs). A white rhino can be the same size as the hippo, but the indian rhino, black rhino, or sumatran rhino usually is about 1/2 to 1 ton less than a hippo. Hippos are the seconds largest land animal to live on earth today.

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