Do rhinos need their horns for self defense?



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    Rhinoceros do use their horns for self-defense, although they are not know as aggressive creatures. The most common use of horns as defense is typically seen between two male Black rhinos in territorial disputes. While this is an occurrence, they are more often seen walking and eating together. The rhinos also use their horns as a shovel sort of tool for digging up roots, as they are herbivores. The horn is the leading cause of poaching in rhinoceros due to its believed medicinal qualities used in ancient Chinese medicine (this idea has been proved untrue). 

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    Not all rhino species use their horns for self-defense or to attack. Interestingly, the Asian species (Sumatran, Indian, and Javan) do not use their horns for self-defense. Rather, the Asian species of rhino use their incisors to defend themselves and/or to attack.

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