Do reptiles hibernate?



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    Some reptiles do hibernate. Since reptiles are cold-blooded they depend on their environment to properly provide the warmth they require to function optimally. When it gets cold, and they cannot sufficiently warm themselves through their surroundings they do hibernate. This enables them to survive through cold temperatures that they would not otherwise be able to survive.

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    When reptiles hibernate, it is called brumation because rather than living off of its fat, the reptile regulates its metabolism levels. Most temperate snakes, including king snakes, milk snakes, bull snakes, rat snakes, water, and garter snakes need to hibernate as do some turtles and tortoises.

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    Yes, some reptiles hibernate in the cold seasons to preserve their body warmth, since they are ecothermic (can’t control their own body temperatures). They will either burrow into soft soil, hide in cracks, or under rocks. This helps them maintain body heat after soaking in the sun. Among reptiiles, this sleeping period is called ‘brumation’ rather than hibernation, and simply slows down the metabolism of the reptile enough to regulate its body temperature.

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