Do reptiles ever get cold?



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    Yes. Actually, reptiles are extremely affected by temperatures. Warm-blooded animals (mammals, many birds) regulate their own temperatures internally. Our bodies, for example, generally stay around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, even when we feel chilly.

    When reptiles and other so-called cold-blooded animals experience cold conditions, their body temperatures actually drop. A lizard will thermoregulate by moving to a warmer area, to keep their bodies from shutting down. Similarly, reptiles will be inactive when they are too hot.

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    Yes, reptiles do get cold, and actually do not respond to the cold very well. Since they are cold-blooded animals, and regulate their temperatures through external means, when they are in extremely cold weather, reptiles do not perform well. Their blood temperature levels drop, therefore their bodies start to freeze. 

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    There was actually a big news story back in January when Florida had a cold snap that showed frozen iguana fallings from trees. Scientists said that when it warmed up again they would wake up, but they appeared dead when they fell.

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