Do religions believe in global warming?



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    The official policy of the Catholic Church is that global warming exists, and that it, and other types of harm to the environment, is in fact caused by human activities.

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    Recent Pew Forum asked various religious believers if there was solid evidence that the earth is warming. The results were 58% of unaffiliated people said yes, because of human activity and 11% said it was natural; 48% of white mainline Protestants voted man-made and 19% natural; 44% white catholics said man-made and 20% natural; 39% black Protestants believe it is the cause of humans and 36% is natural; and 34% of white evangelical Protestants believe it is cause by people and 17% said it is natural. Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Hindu, and Sikh leaders have all pledged to fight global warming.

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