Do red pandas have the same problems with breeding that the giant panda have?



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    Red pandas have differing reproductive cycles than the Giant panda. Where the Giant panda reaches breeding maturity at 4 to 8 years of age, the red panda is sexually mature at about a year and a half. A Giant panda has 2 cubs, only one of which usually survives, and the cubs stay with the mother for three years. The Red panda gives birth to 3 cubs that stay until the next litter arrives, a year later. Also, Red pandas have a breeding window for up to two months in the spring, whereas the Giant panda only ovulates for three days. The red panda is does not have as many limitations in propogating the species, but it does share some of the same challenges the Giant panda does, mainly habitat loss, segregation from other populations, and poaching. Both species are endangered.

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