Do raccoons like sunflower seeds?



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    Raccoons will eat almost anything, including sunflower seeds.  They do have a primary diet of eggs, smaller creatures, fruit and nuts, but especially since they’ve become more adapt to suburban life, really, they’ll eat anything.  My friend’s parents throw seeds and nuts up on the roof at night when this family of raccoons shows up in their back yard.  It’s the opposite of most people might do, but these people are like dog whisperers to their local wildlife. 

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    I’m not sure about raccoons, but squirrels are certainly in love with sunflower seeds.  As, “Americalibre” said “raccoons will eat almost anything”.  I know for a fact that they like corn, so they would probably eat sunflower seeds.  You should be careful about transmissible diseases f you have raccoons around your home.  The most dangerous of these diseases are rabies and raccoon roundworm.

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