Do plants put off gas as they grow?



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    Yes.  Many types of plants emit methane, as well as other organic species.  In forests, trees, plants, and shrubbery, as well as other types of vegetation, emit Isoprene, which is a Biogenic Volatile Organic Compound, and can thus contribute to atmospheric aerosol and even ozone formation.  There are many types of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds, many of which can react with anthropogenic compounds (such as nitrogen oxides) to contribute to pollution, ozone, and aerosol formation.

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    Careful about this.  There was a big debate (still ongoing I suppose) about whether or not plants emit methane, which can be a very harmful greenhouse gas.  It looks like the most recent research is refutes the claim that plants emit methane.

    Article here:

    Full paper here:

    It seems to me that plants, in there normal conditions, do not emit methane, although the decomposition of leaves and dead plants does.

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