Do the pros of the three gorges damn outweigh the negative aspects of it?



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    In 2011 the Chinese government acknowledged the ‘urgent problems’ of this dam for the first time. In light of the environmental impact, the displacement of people, corruption involved in the project, the number of towns flooded to make the dam and various other ways in which this project was dealt with I believe it is fair and safe to say that the pros of this dam project do not outweigh the negative. Essentially, it is the environmental impact of this project that is causing and will cause major problems, that negates any positives the dam may have brought to the region. The dam is threatening one of the major fisheries in the Chinese sea, which could have devastating effects to the environment and people in the region should the situation get any worse.

    Sadly, in the light of all the failures that have gone into play with the building of this dam, replicas of this project are springing up in other areas of China as well as internationally teaching the world audience that we really don’t learn from our mistakes, even when they threaten both the planet and the life of the people on it.

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