Do primates get dementia?



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    No, actually. Primates do not get Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. It is also interesting to note that primate brains even get clogged with the same protein that is thought to be the cause of the disease in humans.

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    From a study concerning Alzheimer’s Disease, it seems apparent that non-human primates (chimps and monkeys) do not develop the disease or dementia, while humans do. Researchers have found that primates and humans share the same protein plaques that affect the brain – speculated to be the cause of many diseases in humans. Unfortunately, the mystery to why humans are the sole victims was unsolved till a recent report of a “tag molecule” was discovered. With the ability to sense the build-up of plaques, this molecule had the acclivity to attach itself to plaques in the human brain, while ignoring those of the primate brain. This observation led to the conclusion that the structure of brain plaques in both species were different – the reason why humans are prone to dementia and primates are not.

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