Do prairie dogs have any relatives?



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    Prairie dogs are rabbit-size furry creatures who live in underground burrows with tunnels and chambers. These cute creatures live in North America, Canada, and can also be found in Mexico. Prarie dogs are from the squirrel family and is related to ground squirrels, chipmunks and marmots. There are five species of prairie dogs; the Black-tailed prairie dog, the White-tailed prairie dog, the Gunnison’s prairie dog, the Mexican prarie dog, and the Utah prairie dog. These adorable creatures are the most social out of the Squirrel family.

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    Prairie dogs are rodents and belong to the squirrel family. Their relatives include tree, ground, and flying squirrels; chipmunks; and woodchucks. Prairie dogs dig burrows in the ground to live in, which are called prairie dog towns. They live in the western United States, Canada, and Mexico. 

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