Do the positive issues surrounding Algae fuel outweigh the negative ones?



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    I would say yes, the positives do outweigh the negatives when it comes to algae biofuel. Positives: First, the oil yielded from algae is about 30 times higher than oil yielded from land crops. Second, algae can grow in waste or marine water, so fresh water is not wasted. Also, algae fuel is biodegradable so there is a smaller risk of pollution. Algae are renewable resource and 60% of their biomass can be converted into fuel. Carbon emissions are much lower with algae fuel than with fossil fuels.

    Negatives: Algae fuel is not as efficient as other fuels or other biodiesels. The production of algae fuel also results in unstable compounds. Finally, algae fuel is still an emerging technology so more research needs to be conducted before determining how viable algae truly is as a fuel.

    Despite the drawbacks of algae fuel, it seem like it could prove to be a fuel of the future. If nothing else, it’s certainly worth further researching and testing.

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