Do politicians and governments take messages from youth more seriously than adults?



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    While politicians may talk about children and the future of the country, they do not take them more seriously at all for one simple reason: they can’t vote. Politicians will not take their issues into consideration because it helps them not at all.  Their parents, however, will be pandered to.  Kids can’t vote, can’t fundraise and donate as effectively, and when running for office, politicians care little about the future.

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    Simply put: no. Even the younger voters are not a prime target of most politicians because on average, most young people who are at least 18 do not vote. Most voters that actually affect the outcome for most elections are middle-aged adults and retirees who will make the trek to the polls. It is because of this average that most politicians will not pander to college age people directly, because they do not consider it a worthy investment of their time and resources to earn more votes. A notable exception was the 2008 presidential election in which many more young voters went to the polls, with most supporting Barack Obama. This may be a reason why education and other youthful issues are either repressed or ignored during most political campaigns. Tuition hikes and the diminishing of college degrees for new graduates have not been hot issues in many of the latest debates for the 2012 elections.

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