Do polar bears eat Walrus?



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    A polar bear’s favorite food is the ringed seal, but they have also been known to eat walruses, reindeer, and even beluga whales!

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    The polar bear is the most carnivorous member of the bear family, and most of its diet consists of ringed and bearded seals. While they can and have been known to eat walruses, polar bears tend to stay away from them. While polar bears are enormously large predators, walruses can weigh almost twice as much and are dangerous because of their tusks. 

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    A polar bear will eat anything that it can kill, whether this is a walrus, a beluga whale, a seal, or even a person. In addition to being an incredibly powerful animal, it also has great intelligence and endurance, and will out wait and outwit its prey. However, because walruses are large and very thick skinned, a polar bear will go after easier prey, like a seal, or a wounded walrus.

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