do poachers in Africa poach because they or their families have no other way to survive?..

I ahve heard this many times, but don’t know if its true in most cases. I know poaching is done for money, but are poachers unable to make a living any other way?



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    According to the Humane Society of the United States, millions of animals are illegally hunted every year, yet poachers are seldom caught or punished for their crimes. Why do poachers poach? “For many, profit is the motive.” Some poachers also poach because of religious or cultural beliefs. The North American Wildlife Enforcement Officer’s Association speculates that poachers are often involved in other criminal activities as well. The answer to whether or not they have any alternatives is a tricky one that will probably vary depending on who you ask. Most people would say that there is always a legal alternative way to earn money to support a family, but poachers might truly believe that the illegal hunting of animals is their only option simply because they are unaware of alternative resources available to them.

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