Do plants need more water during a heat wave?



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    Yes, plants do require more water during a heatwave. You will want to be careful however to water more often instead of increasing the amount of water that you are giving your plants at one time. Drowning your plants is pointless because the soil can only hold so much water, the rest will just run-off and be wasted; as long as the soil is moist, the plants are ok. It is also recommended that during a heat wave you give your plants a vitamin shot, use more compost, and give them extra attention. For more information, please visit the link below.

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    Yes.  Just like humans, plants lose more water in hot weather than they do in cool weather, through a process called transpiration.  Similar to human’s sweat, transpiration is a form of evaporative cooling for plants.  The plant releases water through stomata on its leaves, and the evaporation of the water cools the plant.  Thus, in hot weather, a plant needs ample water to cool itself, as well as to perform other essential functions that rely on water.

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