Do plants that live in humid climates need less watering than other plants?



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    No.  It is actually the opposite.  Plants that are in dry areas that don’t receive much rain (like cactus) need far less water than plants that come from humid climates (like Florida).  The reason is because of adaptation.  Plants in dry climates grow larger trunks to store more water, grow “fuzz” or “spikes” to keep away animals, and actually evolve to have fewer stomata (stomata are like the pores on plants that allow water to escape).  When a plant is in a wet humid climate it knows that it will continue to get water.  However, in a dry climate, plants have evolved in order to survive.  

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    If you live in a humid climate and you are wondering if you should water your plants less then yes. Plants absorb water from the air through the pores on their leaves. That is why plants like orchids or ferns that really like humid climates prefer to be misted instead of watered traditionally. Research into the exact type of plants you have to see how much water they need, but take the moisture level into account when watering them so you don’t over water them.

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