Do plants grow faster in humid climates?



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    Different plants have different humidity needs. Most plants tend to grow best somewhere around 50-60% humidity. Cacti grow best with about 30% humidity, and tropical plants grow best with about 90%. Usually, plants that are left in low humidity environments need more water and nutrients to flourish. Too much humidity can cause problems as well. Tomato plants,for example, can develop end rot if they are in high humidity environments.

    To make your plants grow at a healthy rate, make sure the it gets the correct amount of nutrients, sun, water and humidity by researching by specific plant type.


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    I would say that on a general basis, they do.  All plants have different conditions they live best with, but even plants in drier climates tend to be slow-growing.  A Saguaro cactus grows 1 ft every 10 years.  Because of the drier atmosphere, plants adapt themselves to living with less water…but usually in a form of hibernation.  Plants in humid climates usually exhibit more stimulated growth because of the access to water, both ground and atmospheric.

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