Do pine tree needles grow back year?



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    I am going to go ahead and guess your question ment to say, “Do pine tree needles grow back every year?”

    The answer is yes and no, think of them like leaves, they wither and fall off, being replaced by new needles. The fascicles on these tree’s will grow new needles when one is either eatin or dead. However, the rate of replacement really depends on the species. Some needles can stay on for as long as 40 years, others months to a year.

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    Unless the tree is dying, most species of pine trees should replenish their needles every year. Needle replenishment works in five year cycles depending on local rain fall; as per general growing patterns, pine trees will be extraordinarily lush one out of every five years, as they devote four years out of every five to increasing trunk growth and overall height, and one year to increasing the lushness of their needle growth.

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    needles got brent some almost to the top will the fire kill the tree or will the needles come back

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