Do pigs get sunburned?



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    Yep. Pigs can get sunburned, and that’s why they like to wallow in mud. Getting dusty or muddy can give them protection from the sun (as well as biting insects).

    Pigs aren’t the only farm animals who sunburn. Cows can sunburn; my horse has pink skin on his nose that we always have to put sunscreen on during the summer. He hates it, but it keeps him from burning!

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    Yes, especially breeds of pig with non-pigmented skin. White pigs or pigs with white spots are most susceptible. All pigs should be given shaded areas and wallows to prevent sunburn, which cause pain, blistering, reddened skin, refusal to mate and abortion in affected pigs.

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    Yes they do, especially pigs that are white or have white patches. UV rays can damage their skin just like it does to humans, causing inflammation, scabbing, and ultimately necrosis. The pain produced by sunburns can be enough to prevent the animal from mating and cause embryo loss among pregnant animals. For this reason pigs need to be given shade and an area to wallow in to cool off.

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