Do pharmaceuticals get into our drinking water through our urine?



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    Nope, not at all. Urine is not involved in the process of making drinking water at all. There has never been cases of pharmaceuticals making their way into our drinking water. 

    However, there have been cases of human-made chemicals getting into our drinking water such as pesticides and household products. They were already in the rivers where the water was obtained from, and 2 out of 3 of the 130 chemicals found were still in the water even after the water treatment process. The amount in the water is low enough to not harm humans, but it is interesting.

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    Not entirely.  The sewage treatment plants remove many, many bacteria, but most do not usually fully remove the tiny traces of pharmecuticals back into our water supply, such as estrogen. Sometimes human waste containing trace amounds of pharms goes into the sewage.  Other times unused medication are flushed down the toilet instead of disposed properly.

    In rare cases some dump medical waste containing drugs into the water as illegal disposal.  Recenlty, a dentisy in Pennsylvania admitted to dumping medical waste into the Atlantic Ocean.  The beach was shut down as a result.

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