Do pesticides get inside of an orange peel?



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    As oranges have a thick, tough skin, most of the pesticides will not penetrate to the fruit itself.  However, many commercially grown oranges have been known to have pesticide residue on the rinds.  The issue here is that the fruit of the orange is not the only consumable or consume part.  Many people grate or “zest” the rind to get a highly concentrated orange flavor from the rind’s oils, and many people will just throw orange rinds into a baking dish along with the rest of the meal to add aromatics.  If you’re just eating the fruit, you’re probably ok, but if you’re going to zest or cook with the rind, go organic.

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    Oranges are #19 on The Today Show’s list of “the dirty dozen”, or fruits and veggies you should buy organic, so there is some leniency about buying it non-organic. Since it has a peel, most of the pesticides don’t penetrate to the actual fruit on the inside, so it’s pretty safe to eat. However, for those using the peel to cook with, organic is a better choice if you’re concerned about pesticides.

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    Tens of similar researches have been carried out and these do not prove that organic food tastes better or is safer but still there is data that organic foods have 57% higher levels of nutritional value compared to conventional products. 

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