Do peppers take a lot of water to grow in your garden?



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         Peppers are about average when it comes to water needs. recommends 1/2-1 inch of water per week for peppers, more if the weather is hot and dry. Peppers grow best in soil that is moist but not wet.

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    In general, peppers do not take an excess of water. I typically do not water my peppers and just let the rain take care of them. If the leaves become wilted or the plant is droopy in the afternoon soon, I will give it water. The soil should be kept moist near the roots and should not be flooded. Peppers are quite hardy and can withstand going without water for short periods of time if you are away from your garden.

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    Peppers do not need a lot of water.  They do need hot temperatures and lots of sun.  If you are starting them indoors make sure that you put them out long after the first frost when the night temp is at least 50.  Otherwise, they will survive but will probably be pretty lowly.  Also, I have found that peppers generally prefer light soils.  Certain peppers will not even produce any fruit in heavy soils, where other’s will take the whole season and have little peppers at first frost.  

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