Do people use more energy in the morning or the evening?



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    It depends regionally, between morning and evening, evening is generally more intensive, with a higher concentration of the population using interior lights.

    The highest peak is generally in the early afternoon though, when ventilation and cooling systems are hit hard by daily temperature highs.

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    I would guess for most homes that they would use more energy in the evening to power their electronics (TVs, computers), and cook meals (if they still cook, that is). Generally, heating a home takes much more energy than cooling does. This would imply that in the winter, keeping a house warm in the evening takes much more energy than cooling in the summer. To compare morning vs. evening heating in the winter, you would have to calculate how much energy it takes to increase the home’s temperature by one degree, and then estimate how much it is in the morning vs. the evening. I’m not sure anyone has done this type of study yet. I found one similar study linked below.

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