Do people use more energy during football season?



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    Anecdotally, you’d expect electricity consumption from appliances to go up during the fall and winter months because people are spending more time indoors doing things like watching TV (including football), and cooking at home more often. It is tough to see this trend, however, because it is covered up by the fact that energy usage is so strongly correlated with extreme temperatures. Energy usage is highest during the peak of the winter and summer, when we spend a lot of energy heating and cooling out homes. And more important (for this question) than the amount of energy we use to heat and cool our homes is the amount by which the energy we use changes month to month. Seasonal variations as a result of changing the amount of time we spend watching TV are totally overshadowed by variations as a result of the temperature outside.

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    Generally people do use more electricity in the colder and darker seasons (heat, more lights) but I don’t think it can be said that this has anything to do with the football part of the football season. Professional sports do take their toll on the environment though due to travel and excessive electricity use in stadiums.

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