Do people that use cloth bags for groceries like them better than plastic ones?



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    I have a love-hate relationship with cloth grocery bags. They are more durable and much less likely to break when carrying heavy items, and I can feel good about saving the planet. There’s really no downside as far as actual use, and they’ve become popular enough that baggers don’t look at you funny anymore when you try to get them to use cloth bags. My biggest problem with them is simply that it’s a pain to carry one around everywhere. I often forget to grab them if I’m making a really quick run to the store, or if I’m already out running errands and realize I need to swing by the store to grab a few things and don’t have time to stop home for my cloth bag. Sometimes my only option is to take a plastic bag even though I don’t want to be adding them to the landfill.

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    Cloth bags are a great idea, and they are definitely more durable than the oft un-recyclable and rarely re-usable ones provided at the grocery checkout. The only downfall is remembering to bring the cloth bag with you to the store. If you care a backpack, messenger bag, or big purse then you can just stuff your things in there. That’s what I end up doing much of the time.

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