Do people take protesters serious?



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    There are many factors that influence the effectiveness of protesters in the eyes of others. Group size, location, and the means by which they protest are a few of those factors. For example, a group of one thousand protestors marching down the middle of the street in the middle of the day will have a much greater impact than a handful of picketers in front of a building when few, if any, people will take notice. However, the benefit of protesting is, whether or not others take your cause or your stance seriously, the cause has been heard by at least a few if not many. And bringing awareness to their cause is the primary goal of protestors in the first place, so they’ve accomplished much of their goal whether outsiders take them seriously or not, to a certain extent.

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    It really depends on how concrete the message is, and what outside factors say.  Obviously corporations and the government have been trying to make protesters look like crazy loons since the act began.  However, if you have a concrete message, and come off as professional, and not some drugged-out hippie, your words could mean a lot 

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