Do people shrink as they get older?



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    Over time, elderly people can lose approximately 1 inch of height.  It is a subtle change that happens over time.  This is caused by the effects of gravity on the human spine.  As our bodies age, gravity presses down on our spine, and the substances between each vertebrae are depleted with age.  This can cause us to lose a small amount of height.  Osteoporosis has a similar effect, but people suffering from this condition will appear shorter because they are hunched over.

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    Yes they do, for a variety of reasons.  Mostly it is due to the fact that after a certain age, a person beings to lose muscle and body fat. Moreover, gravity plays a roll as well. Osteoporosis is a common ailment, which significantly decreases bone density, and contributes to smaller mass.

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    People do tend to shrink over time as they age, on average about one inch total. It cannot be undone, but people can take measures to slow or even stop the process completely. Osteoporosis is one cause of shrinking. It occurs when not enough new bone is created by your body to replace bone loss, resulting in weaker bones overall. Breaks in the bones occur easier, and eventually they cause the vertebrae to collapse and the person becomes smaller and oftentimes hunched over. A well-balanced diet with calcium and regular exercise can help decrease your risk for osteoporosis. Gravity, however, is something we cannot control. As a person ages, gravity compresses the vertebrae together, causing a decrease in height.

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    How many inches does a person usally lose by the age of 66 year old?

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