Do people reuse plastic or styrofoam cups?



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    Some people yes. People who are trying to be eco friendly are probably more tempted to reuse plastic and styrofoam but let me talk about safety.

    First, lets talk of plastic. There are many types of plastic, each containing different chemicals, some of which are considered dangerous to our health.The main issue is while reusing, you may cause some damage to the cup/ bottle which makes it more likely to leach chemicals.

    Plastic #1 (polyethylene terephthalate -PET or PETE) is most used for water, soda and juice bottles also contain DEHP (probably human carcinogen). Safe for one time use , but not when it is in any less-than-perfect condition.

    Plastic #2 is HDFE

    Plastic #3 is made of PVC can leach hormone-disrupting chemicals when storing and will leach carniogens when incinerated.

    Plastic #4 is LDFE (low density polyethylene)

    Plastic #5 is PP (polypropylene)

    Plastic #6 is made of polystyrene (PS) has been shown to leach styrene (probably human carcinogen).

    Styrofoam may leach chemicals like styrene or benzene into your food or drink if heated.

    The morals of the story:

    If you are to reuse plastic or styrofoam, resist the urge to heat it up in the microwave or any other way or put warm/hot liquids / food inside.

    Bonus points: Get a glass cup or use metal and avoid plastic and styrofoam. They are both nasty and evil.

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