Do people reuse plastic or styrofoam cups?



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    Do doubt some people do, but it doesn’t seem like a good idea.

    If you notice, stryofoam cups are sometimes stained in regular use. Since they are porous, and not smooth like ceramic, glass and permanent plastic glasses, I suspect they would be difficult to completely clean.

    But the question is why are people using styrofoam cups at all. Do this taste test: Brew a nice pot of coffee. Set out a ceramic mug, and a stryrofoam cup. Pour hot coffee in each. Taste the coffee from the mug … mmm! Now taste the coffee in the styrofoam cup!  Omg!  You probably thought that those cups of coffee in public places were just using lousy coffee! It’s the cup. It makes coffee (at least) taste foul.

    There are more than just ecological reasons not to use stryrofoam cups!

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    The question you ask should not be DO people reuse plastic and styrofoam cups, it should be CAN you reuse plastic and styrofaom cups. U cannot control if people reuse the cups, but you could just stop using them at all by yourself. You can’t control somebody else’s actions, but you can let them choose to reuse their cups or not

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