Do people recycle their old toilets?



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    It is possible to recycle your old toilet, however, only certain cities have these programs setup. Here are the steps you can take to try to recycle your toilet:

    * Call your city’s recycling center to see if a toilet recycling program exists in your area.
    * Call your city’s solid waste service provider to ask if toilets left at the curb or brought to the dump will be recycled.
    * If you’ve got a green thumb, you can transform your old toilet into a wonderful planter.

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    It is difficult to recycle porcelain, and many people don’t do it, but it CAN be done with a little research in your local area.

    Call your recycling center and/or solid waste provider to see if toilets left out on the curb will be recycled (probably won’t). You can recycle the toilet yourself, and use it for something else, like a planter! Otherwise, call around in your area to find a place that will recycle porcelain.

    Don’t assume that it will get recycled if you leave it in it a recycling bin or with recyclables for pick up.

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