Do people realize they will save money if they go green?



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    I think with all the green education available to us, people are beginning to realize how much money and energy they are saving as they grow to become more environmentally responsible citizens. I see more people today, than I did one year ago, bringing their own bags to the grocery store and more hybrids on the road. That’s a great sign!

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    Many people look at the more expensive cost of green products, whether it be a cleaning product or a hybrid car, and do not purchase this item. They do not realize that the savings will come in the future, by using less gas or less harmful product. They do not equate savings on their electric bill and water bill with the cost of a new, energy-efficient washer and dryer.

    Education must continue so more people will make smart investments for themselves and the environment.

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    People seem to think that environmentalism is completely centered around an ideal about saving Mother Earth from harm. In reality, Mother Earth has been around for ever and is pretty strong. Meanwhile, many humans in the world are dying from disease and starvation. Ecology is about economy! But in the U.S., products that are “eco-friendly” have become a source of plenty of profit for companies who capitalize on the desire to go green. Meanwhile, going green and saving money is as easy as taking steps to living a simple life. Check out my blog post where I explore these ideas here:

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