Do people need financial incentive to go green?



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    Well, I think that most people see “going green” as a luxury rather than a necessity. These financial incentives are a way to make eco-friendly living appealing to people without a lot of cash to spend. I’m not sure what we can do to make people realize that it is essential for everyone – regardless of their economic status – to make significant changes in their lifestyle.

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    While people are certainly drawn towards pecuniary reward, I think that when people have given enough thought to the environment, they will do -at very least- the “little things” towards aiding the planet. So no, I can’t see it as being necessary.

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    Not necessarily, but the majority probably do. Without an incentive, people won’t usually act. That said, a monetary incentive isn’t necessary- a stick is just as effective as a carrot. Slap regulation out there and people will scramble.

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