Do people need to be educated better on what it takes to be green and sustainable?



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    I think they need to be better informed about it actually effects them, not just what climate change is doing to the world. It does not seem that enough people think climate change will actually do anything to them or their children. A method of informing people about how to be green and sustainable from an early age (ie. integration into school curriculum) and why they would want to do that is key to reversing climate change.

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    Education would help to inform people on the benefits for themselves and the environment of going green. Many people are not aware of the benefits of being green and the environmental destruction that is occurring because of human activities. Education could be used to show the destruction that is occurring all over the world because of greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. People could then use that information to make conscious and informed decisions about the products they purchase and the organizations they support. Education could also be used to show people going green can save them money, using a financial incentive could get more people to become involved.

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