Do people keep from riding their bicycles to work because they are afraid for their safety?



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    Possibly, it can be very unsafe compared to driving a car. Most accidents involve head injuries, and as a reasult, many states make it a law that bike riders have to wear helmets. About half a million kids each year are seriously injured in bike riding accidents. A good amount of these injuries can be prevented simply by wearing a helmet.

    Personally, I would avoid biking to work unless my job was very close. To get downtown, I would have to ride through a delapidated part of town. To get to work accross the river going through my city, I would have to ride along the interstate.

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    When there’s no proper bike lanes, safety is a big issue for people who ride their bikes to work.  There’s also traffic speed and congestion and congestion to worry about. 

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    Safety is one issue when considering biking to work.  We need to lobby for more bike paths and more commuter friendly cities.  One way to help with the safety issue is to take a bike safety class.  It will teach commuters the proper way to signal turns and how to ride safely with traffic.

    In addition to safety concerns, biking is a very physical activity and not everybody can shower when they get to work.  Then there is the issue of the items you need to carry to work.  Packing a change of clothes and shoes, lunch and briefcase is difficult for most people. 

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