Do people in Japan ever have to drive?



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    No, no one’s forcing them to drive. People could live on farms and grow and make their own products and live on their own. However, Japan has a land mass totalling 145,883 square miles. It makes it much easier to get to work if you can depend on your own transportation, but in Japand, people can take subways, trains, or bike to wherever they need to be. It also depends on their type of work; if they are in sales, they might need to drive out to their clients’ area of business. In this instance, it would be more practical to have a car.

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    Although Japan looks quite small on the map, to traverse from one end to the other would require a car (or lots of time dedicated to walking or biking) or other public transportation.  Japan is 1,869 miles Northeast to Southwest and 1,022 miles Northwest to Southeast, so it would take several hours driving at a resonable pace to make it across the entire country.

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