Do people that grow up in cold climates actually build a tolerance for it?



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    People will definitely become less sensitive to extreme cold, and they may be able to withstand it for longer durations through prolonged exposure. In cold climates, communities adapt fairly well and develop routines that involved different activities during different seasons to maximize comfort and productivity. Even those that live in extreme temperatures (such as the Himalayas or Kilimanjaro) can survive without much difficulty, but they won’t necessarily thrive in terms of quality of life and food supply. Some people, however, may grow up in a very cold climate but will never truly adapt in terms of comfort. This really comes down to just a matter of preference, and the inverse is true as well that some people actually prefer colder climates to those with characteristic extreme heat. Those who are not accustomed to cold climates should take care to keep extremities covered so as to avoid hypothermia, just as those not accustomed to heat should stay hydrated and avoid exposure to direct sunlight for very long, as it takes time for the body to adapt and react to the changes.

    In terms of evolution, people and animals alike will develop natural defenses to their surroundings. When climate changes through the ages, people and animals eventually shed some of these now unnecessary modifications. This explains why people have different skin tones, body hair, and even facial features.

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