Do people decide what cars their are going to buy based on gas prices?



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    I think now that cost of gas is inching ever higher, people are beginning to factor into car purchases the the fuel efficiency of the car they are buying. People do also have a tendency to look at short term effects as opposed to long term trends and so I wouldn’t be suprised if small fluctations in gas prices impact the physchology of the to-be-car-purchaser and pushes fuel efficiency a little higher on the list of features they evaluate when buying a car.

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    I think in Europe gas prices is a key factor when buying cars. European gas prices are high, something like $1.5 / liter, roughly $5.7/gallon. You can imagine why Europeans have such high standards on fuel economy. Some countries started massively shifting towards diesel engine cars because diesel was a cheaper fuel and still is, and diesels generally consume less. Nowadays cars go 100km with 6 liter, that’s almost 40 mpg. 

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