Do people that carpool to work get tax breaks?



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    I have not heard of such a system in the U.S. The only incentive I am aware of is the carpool lane on highways, which supposedly move faster through traffic.

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    No, there are no tax incentives.  However, I live in Los Angeles, and let me tell you that the carpool lanes are a Godsend!  They move so much faster than regular traffic and is totally incentive enough.  plus by skipping all the stop-go-stop-go of traffic jams, you actually save a lot of gas too. 

    Depending on where you live you could also get involved in slugging (I actually think that Craigslist has a slugging section, check it out) 

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    As far as I know there are no tax incentives for carpooling (that would be a hard thing to monitor) however there are plenty of businesses as well as local governments that encourage carpooling for both transportation and environmental reasons. Even NYC is currently working on a sort of taxi carpool system to encourage people to share cabs. 

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